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Transatlanticism: A Circus Tribute

By Constructive Interference

Transatlanticism: A Circus Tribute, is a multidisciplinary ensemble circus performance set for the 20th anniversary of the album Transatlanticism, by Death Cab for Cutie. Created by the newly organized contemporary circus company, Constructive Interference, this ensemble show explores the themes of platonic love, nostalgia, and friendship. Merging these elements with a variety of ensemble aerial, juggling, and acrobatics, this show will focus on a group of friends telling stories, playing games and celebrating each other’s existence. The incredible cast includes emerging artists whose dynamism you won’t want to miss, in partnership with experienced veterans of the Portland circus scene who will knock your socks off with their versatility and artistry!

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About The Company

Group hug inside metal hoop cyr wheel

Our Origins

Constructive Interference Circus is a women and queer owned circus creating unique multidisciplinary productions, grounded in human connection, with a desire to inspire, challenge, and celebrate the diversity of human experience through our captivating performances. CI Circus was founded in 2022 by Eliana Perlmutter, Mara Rico, Meghan McClure, and Sequoia Allen. Each member brings their own experience to the group from dance pole, gymnastics, partner dance, traditional and contemporary circus. The four producers met in 2021 during the Elements Pre-Professional Training Program at The Circus Project where they bonded and became passionate about creating together. They bring in cast members with similar values to create ensemble shows that are authentic to the group of performers. 

Meet the Artists

Ari Rapkin

Ari Rapkin

Eliana Perlmutter

Eliana Perlmutter

Meghan McClure

Meghan McClure

Paige Craig

Paige Craig

Paige Cook

Paige Cook

Rhen Miles

Rhen Miles

Senora Loop

Senora Loop

Matan Presberg

Matan Presberg

Director: Meghan McClure
Producers: Ari Rapkin, Eliana Perlmutter, Meghan McClure,
Performers: Ari Rapkin, Eliana Perlmutter
, Meghan McClure, 
Paige Craig, Paige Cook, Rhen Miles, Senora Loop, Matan Presberg
Understudy: Kenzie Mitzner
Choreography Assistant: Megan Norton
Stage Manager: Nami Hall
Lighting Designer: Matthew Robinson

Sound Operator: Ashlyn Carlini

Land Acknowledgement

Indigenous tribes and bands have been with the lands that we inhabit today throughout Oregon and the Northwest since time immemorial and continue to be a vibrant part of the region today. We would like to express our respect to the First Peoples of this land.  


It is important that we recognize and honor the ongoing legal and spiritual relationship between the land, plants, animals, and people indigenous to this city we now call Portland. The interconnectedness of the people, the land, and the natural environment cannot be overstated; the health of one is necessary for the health of all. We recognize the pre-existing and continued sovereignty of the Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde, Cayuse, Umatilla, Walla Walla, Cowlitz, Clackamas, and the Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians who have ties to this place and thank them for continuing to share their traditional ecological knowledge and perspective on how we might care for one another and the land, so it can take care of us. We must not forget that this land was taken through theft, genocide, and forced treaty. It is our responsibility to uplift and make reparations to native communities, and break the continuing cycles of colonial oppression and violence. Please take a moment to donate to the Native American Youth and Family Center (NAYA) to support the community or share this resource if you are unable to donate. 

Grant Funding by:


Highlighted Sponsors

Thank You to everyone who has supported us:

Grant Knutson

Makenna Susman

Jacki Ward

Kate and Jim McClure

Lauren Cress

Steve Cook

Megan Lucy and Lucy

Bethany and Angela at AWOL

AWOL Dance Collective

Echo Theater Company

Stefan Furst

Evelyn Shapshak

Jack Stocklyn 

Kim Brill

Joel Perlmutter and Janet Strassman Perlmutter

Anonymous doors


Our Volunteers

Death Cab for Cutie

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